Child Nutrition

Nutrition is key at SRDA. We ensure that the children are in good diet for better livelihood. Under feeding is one of the major challenges in our areas of operation and the whole country. At SRDA, we carry out the distribution of food provided by our donors and we also follow up the children to monitor development rate in order to completely abolish the underfeeding pandemic.    

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Child Welfare

Somalia has experienced a continuing civil war since 1991. In the northern part of Somalia there are two states: the state of Somaliland, which wants to be recognized as a separate nation, and Puntland, which is content to be part of the Somali Federation. In early 2010 the militant Islamic extremist group Harakat Al-Shabaab controlled most of southern Somalia, including a large part of the capital, Mogadishu, where it imposed a harsh form of Sharia

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Child Protection

At SRDA we provide the necessary basic needs that the children under our care needs. With the help of our donors, we have endeavored to ensure that the children are under a safe environment free from such atmosphere that would hinder their growth. We make sure that the children under our care are given a chance to spend the day together, this being a great chance to make then grow together in unity and building friendship at that tender age. We have

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