About us


The Somali Relief and Development Action (SRDA) is one of the National Non-Governmental Organizations registered and working in Somalia. It is non-profit making and non- political organization focusing on participation and partnerships thus contributing to the relief of human suffering by offering appropriate solutions to the humanitarian catastrophe in Somalia.
SRDA was founded in 1998 in Luuq district Gedo region Somalia by a group of Somali intellectuals who placed their views, ideas, knowledge and strength jointly in order to serve the Somali vulnerable populations who live under abject poverty, insecurity and illiteracy. The headquarter of the organization is in Luuq district and has other branch office in Dollow District of Gedo Region as well as liaison offices in Mogadishu and Nairobi.


SRDA is an active member and partner of the Nutrition, WASH, Protection, Health as well as the Food Security clusters at both national and sub national level of South central Somalia. It is also the humanitarian co-chair of the inter-agency working groups in Luuq district. SRDA was selected as the lead agency of the Nutrition partners in Luuq district as per the rationalization system of the Nutrition partners.

SRDA Objectives

• To respond to the local communities’ emergency humanitarian concerns in order to reduce preventable mortality and morbidity among the vulnerable populations in Somalia.
• To support the Somali communities living in Somalia to access primary education.
• To draw the attention of the International Humanitarian Community to the local communities humanitarian priority concerns for their information and intervention.
• To raise the local communities’ awareness on the available local resources utilization and best practices so that they can solve their own problems that are within their influence.
• To advocate for peaceful co-existence and non discrimination among the communities living in the region
• To extend health and nutrition values to the communities.