Vision & Mission

SRDA’s main vision is to endeavour for the Children and peoples of, not exclusively, Somalia and the Horn of Africa as a whole achieve self-sufficiency for the necessities such as basic educations, public health services, free from poverty, cohesive and peaceful society that are capable of deciding their own future.
The Somali Relief and Development Action (SRDA) becomes the most reliable National Non-Governmental Organization by contributing to the attainment of the basic elements of dignified living for the Somali communities in Somalia.
SRDA is an independent organization dedicated to improving the lives and welfare of the people, not exclusively, living in Somalia and the Horn of Africa irrespective of their race, religion, political ideology or/and age groups.
SRDA’s mission is to implement innovative solutions to the provisions of life’s essentials; namely access to the clean water, access to the sanitation, access to the primary education, access to the appropriate and necessary health, medical and facilities.
SRDA is also committed towards the promotion and facilitation of economic and social development through partnerships, advocacy
and participation thus ensuring a better quality peaceful life which is non-discriminatory with improved literacy levels for the communities living in Somalia.