Goals & Objectives

Our Goal
To work and partner with the local communities and actors in Somalia so that they can fully participate in the realization of sustainable community based relief and developments priorities. The preservation and protection of good health and the relief of sickness in particular but not exclusively by the provision of funds for rebuilding and or repairing hospitals and raising awareness of health issues and the need for proper sanitation.

Our Objectives:
The objectives of SRDA are:

  •  To respond to the local communities’ emergency humanitarian concerns in order to reduce preventable death and suffering among the vulnerable populations.
  • To support the Somali communities living in Somalia to access primary education.
  • To draw the attention of the International Humanitarian Community to the local communities humanitarian priority concerns for their information and intervention.
  • To raise the local communities’ awareness on the available local resource utilization, best practices so that they can solve their own problems that are within their influence.
  • To advocate for peaceful co-existence and non discrimination among the communities living in the region
  • To extend healthy nutrition values to the communities.