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The humanitarian situation in Somalia specifically South and Central Somalia in particular has become increasingly worrying. There are high levels of insecurity, loss of lives due to prolonged and recurrent droughts, reduction in the quality and number of humanitarian services, hunger related or high mortality rates especially among the children who are less than five years old and the elderly. These developments are at the onset of repeated hunger seasons coupled with targeted attacks on International humanitarian workers and assets continued to increasingly restrict the humanitarian space thus rendering increasing numbers of vulnerable people in south and central Somalia for many years.

Somali Relief and Development Action (SRDA), was founded in 1993 in Luuq District Gedo Region Somalia by a group of Somali Intellectuals who placed their views, ideas, knowledge and strength jointly in order to serve Somali Vulnerable populations who live under abject poverty, insecurity and illiteracy. Our headquarters are located in Luuq District and has other branch offices in Dollow & Belet-Hawa districts of Gedo region, Galka’ayo of Mudug region and liaison offices in Mogadishu & Nairobi.

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