Our Profile

Our Vision

Peaceful and coexistent society in the greater horn of Africa with quality primary healthcare, proper basic education and self-sufficiency who have a say in matters affecting and impede their lives

Our Mission

SRDA is an independent organization dedicated to improve the lives and welfare of the people, not exclusively living in Somalia, but the entire Horn of Africa irrespective of race, religion, political ideology and or age groups.

Our Core Values

• Making operational decisions together
• Transparency and accountability
• Delivering on expectations (priorities) and maintaining quality
• Working with credible staff and partners
• Being easy to be contacted and demonstrably responsive
• Respect for Human Rights

About us

The Somali Relief and Development Action (SRDA) is one of the National Non-Governmental Organizations registered and working in Somalia. It is non-profit making and non- political organization focusing on participation and partnerships thus contributing to the relief of human suffering by offering appropriate solutions to the humanitarian catastrophe in Somalia.

WASH and Health

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Child protection

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